3 Museums and Art Galleries which you should visit in Worcester


Worcester has plenty of museums. If you would like to explore the art in Worcester, there are quite a few art galleries to choose from as well. These art galleries house various types of art. Thus, whether you’re looking for contemporary art or whether you’re looking for old fine art, you will be able to find an art gallery which suits your needs quite easily. You just need to find out in advance which is the type of art on display at a particular art gallery before visiting.

We will share with you 3 different options which you have when it comes to visiting the art galleries.

Worcester City Art Gallery and Museum

The main advantage of this option is that it incorporates an art gallery as well as a museum. Thus, you will have plenty to explore as well. Moreover, from time to time there are exhibitions as well as other activities which are organized as well. You will be able to explore the local handicrafts as well. If you want to just relax, you can have a coffee at the cafe. There are many activities which are designed for youngsters to keep them engaged with art as well. Thus, if you want hands-on experience, then also this is the art gallery which you should definitely visit. It is open from Tuesday to Saturday. The admission is entirely free.

Elgar Birthplace Museum

As the name, itself suggests this place is the birthplace of Sir Edward William Elgar. The museum is actually housed in the cottage in which he was born. There is a functional cafe in the Birthplace Museum as well. There is a gift shop which sells you souvenirs related to Elgar. You will find traditional souvenirs as well as music and even books. You can even opt to buy the greeting cards as well. It is an interesting museum which is associated with history directly. It is open from Monday to Saturday. That is a ticket to be bought for adults as well as children.

Worcester Porcelain Museum

Worcester Porcelain Museum has quite a few different types of ceramics on display. Some of the ceramic art pieces are of the 18th century. This was the time when the city actually developed its own policy and industry. As a result, you will be able to not only catch glimpses of these porcelain pieces but also you will be able to explore the designs of that time. The porcelain pieces are much more articulate and illustrative. That is why you will be able to explore the craftsmanship of that time quite easily. You will also be able to explore the porcelain pieces of the 20th century as well which were made with much more refined technology. Also on display are the heavy duty porcelain pieces which were created during the 20th century. Thus, you will be on your journey of porcelain right from the 18th century up until the 20th century. The museum is open from Monday to Saturday. There are audio tours which come along with the ticket as well.

Thus, when you’re looking to explore art galleries as well as museums in Worcester, these are the 3 options which you should definitely explore.

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