3 tourist attractions near Worcester


Worcester has plenty of tourist attractions near it. Not only, you can explore this town but there are quite a few options to explore as well if you have a day or two. That is why you have to prepare your itinerary accordingly. We will today share with you 3 different tourist attractions which you can explore around Worcester.


Cheltenham is a town which is located 40 minutes away from Worcester. It is a spa town and famous for the various treatments which they have on offer. Also, it has a very famous horse racing course well. During the months of March, there are national horse races which take place in this town Thus; it can actually get pretty crowded. Nearby, this town you will also find the city of Gloucester which has a renovated dock as well as a beautiful cathedral to explore. Also, some of the scenes from the Harry Potter movies were actually filmed here. That is why it is actually a city which you can visit in order to experience some of the beauty of the town for yourself.


If you’re prepared to go a little further, then in the north-east direction from Worcester, you will find the city of Birmingham. By road, it will just take you one hour in order to reach the city. The number of attractions which you will find in Birmingham is plenty. Some of them include:

• Bullring Shopping Centre
• National Sealife Centre
• Botanical Gardens
• Aston hold

Thus, when you’re heading over to Birmingham do make sure that you have at least a day to spare. Only when that is the case, you will be able to explore the entire city. Birmingham is a fast developing city. That is why you will be able to find quite a few tourists in Birmingham. Just make sure that you’re heading during the weekdays and the crowds will be less and you will be able to explore the city in a much quieter fashion.


You probably know that Stratford-upon-Avon is the birthplace of William Shakespeare. There are quite a few tourist attractions in this town which are related to William Shakespeare and there are a few other tourist attractions as well like Halls Croft, Anne Hathaway’s Cottage and Palmers Farm.

When you’re heading over to Stratford-upon-Avon, there are quite a few towns nearby which you can explore as well. Some of these towns include Dudley, Solihull, Tenbury Wells, Upton upon Severn; you can cover all of these towns in a single day trip. This means that when you’re heading over to Stratford-upon-Avon, you will be able to explore quite a few cities which are in the vicinity. That is why this is definitely a day trip which you should think about taking up.

When you’re looking for day trips from Worcester, these are the 3 options which you have. With the help of these day trips, you will be able to explore the countryside of Britain more efficiently. You will be able to explore quite a few smaller towns as well which will help you in exploring the places which are not generally frequented by tourists.

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