An Overview on SEO and How it works

An Overview on SEO and How it works


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What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym of Search engine optimization. This is a practice followed to increase the traffic quantity and quality to your website through search engine organic results.

To understand the real meaning of SEO, let’s break the sentence into parts:
• Quality traffic. Attract the visitors in the world. Note here a point; if the traffic is visiting your site as Google informs them: you are Apple computers resource, while actually you are selling apples as a farmer; it is not quality traffic. Instead you must get or attract visitors genuinely interested in the apples or products you offer.
• Quantity of traffic. Getting the right people or traffic clicking through the search engine results pages (SERPs) means the best and obviously more traffic is always better.
• Organic results. Ads comprise a huge portion of many Companies marketing budget. However, Organic traffic is the traffic that comes for FREE!

How SEO works

You may think a search engine is similar as a website that allows you to type a question into Google, Yahoo!, Bing, or whatever and the search engine replies with a list of links to web pages potentially answering your question.

Any search engine such as Google features a crawler which gathers information regarding the content it finds on the internet. These crawlers bring to the search engine the 1s and 0s to build an index and they are fed through algorithm to math your query with the data.

That is about the SE (search engine) part of the SEO.
The “O” part refers to optimization and is the place where people write their content and put it on the sites. Once the search engines understand what they see, it arrives on the list (it is indexed).

Optimization comprises of many forms. From the title tags to Meta descriptions such that both are in the right length and informative pointing to the internal links.

Understand the SEO basics

Learning everything about SEO is a must. If you are new to this topic and are looking for some advice, here is a general overview for you.

Build an SEO-friendly site

If you are ready to walk the SEO walk, apply the SEO techniques, regardless of whether the techniques or old or new, you will improve.

Content and related markup

There is a need for good content for your site. SEO for content features specific variables. You must concentrate on writing SEO-friendly copy by doing keyword research, and this helps search engines in understanding about your content subject.

Link-related topics to your website

There is a need for links and you must know how to get them. Links are a major part of search engine rankings and Google determining the trustworthiness of a website. So having more links to a website means the more credibility it holds and also ranks high in the search engine results.

The SEO evolution

Search engine algorithms keep changing frequently so SEO tactics have to evolve to accommodate those changes. So check for these new changes regularly.

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