Importance of SEO and the main stages of its process

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Importance of SEO and the main stages of its process

Search engine optimization is more important than ever and every webmaster must understand the SEO true meaning and the potential it has or creates for each business.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search engine optimization represents a set of rules to be best followed by the owners of a website to get their websites optimized for search engines and thus promote their rankings in the search engine.

It is also a fascinating way of increasing the web sites quality ensuring it is user-friendly, so that navigation is easier and faster.

SEO can be considered as a framework as the whole process has a set of guidelines or rules in stages and features a set of controls.

Importance of SEO

In the competitive market today, SEO marketing is very important. The search engines serve daily millions of users looking for solutions. SEO helps your business, if you have a blog, website or an online store in meeting the objectives of your business.

Now, Search engine optimization is crucial because:
• The search engine users mostly click on the 5 suggestions appearing on the top in the SERPS, the result pages. Thus, there is a need to stay in the top positions to gain visitors to your online store or website.
• SEO does not revolve only around the search engines, but it is also about SEO practices to improve your website usability and user experience.
• SEO is required for social promotion. People finding your website on Google or Yahoo may promote it on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or other social media channels.
• The direct benefit is traffic increase and the indirect benefit is enjoying a common framework before publishing a content to use.
• SEO pushes you to the forefront, such that even if two websites are doing the same line of business, the website that is search engine optimized receives more customers and sales.

What are the Search Engine Optimization process main stages?

SEO is not any static process but a framework featuring rules and processes. Precisely, SEO can be broken into 2 main stages:
• On-site SEO: Refers to the rules to apply to your website to ensure it is search engine friendly
• Off-site SEO: Refers to promoting your blog or website so that it ranks better in the search results.

On-site SEO

Onsite SEO is about avoiding few mistakes and the SEO on-page elements are:

Titles and descriptions: This is an important SEO factor. The title page and descriptions is the first that the search engine reads in a page. If they are not optimized, it will not work in your favor.

Follow the simple rules of keeping the title to 60 characters and descriptions to 150 characters. A good approach is to come with catchy titles, no keyword stuffing and interesting descriptions encouraging users to find the content relevant.

Off-site SEO

Off-site SEO is referred as link building. It involves into techniques and methods to promote a website.

The search engines find the web important pages as per the search query and determine a web page position. This is determined in the results as incoming links number.

The incoming links denote a signal of trust and affect your ranking position. Thus, there is a need to have positive links from trusted and well-known sites.

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