Understanding SEO and the different keyword types

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Get To grips with how SEO has a crucial role and work on improving your rankings

Do you know how great content helps SEO? It encourages people or readers to link to your WebPages and this in turn sends signals to Google that your pages are authoritative and interesting. This leads to better rankings as Google wishes to show authoritative and interesting pages in the search results.

How Google Ranks Pages?

Google promotes highly relevant pages with excellent content to the top of it’s rankings and this in turn transforms the pages into authority pages. If people find it useful it is shared in twitter feeds, blogs, etc, and Google picks up these authority signals. This in turn creates sustainable and strong rankings in Google.

Guide to get search results better

• Write useful, fantastic content that uses phrases and words used by people searching for your services and products.
• Keep it simple featuring keywords so that people read it easily and can share or link to it.
• This will ensure good SEO practices are followed and rinse and repeat these.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the simple activity of making sure a website is found in search engines for phrases and relevant words to what the site offers. Having said that, one thing is certain, there is only one industry that is understood as little by outsiders and it is the SEO one.

Ask SEO companies about SEO and they will blind you with confusing explanations and science making you think it is some black art. Actually, SEO is an optimizing process of your online content that a search engine loves showing it for searches of a key word as a result.

SEO Keyword types

The first step in Search engine optimization begins with finding keyword and then using the keywords within the content (do NOT keyword stuff!). There are keywords of various types that can be used and they are:

Generic keywords types:
• These keyword types are the name offering a general outlook and are highly competitive that ranking is difficult. However, these can be taken as secondary keywords. The websites ranking for generic keywords accumulate traffic in a fair share.
• Also note a lot of marketers using generic keywords are people who look to promote their blog and rank at prominent position.

Broad keywords types
• These keywords are more specific in approach such as Canon 1200d DSLR camera, and so on. The keywords help ranking easily as they are offer specific approach. A user searching with such broad keywords. Since these keywords are much more specific in approach the sale is not a hassle.

Long tail keywords types
• These types of keywords are most specific, leaving no room for guess work. Using long tail keywords ensures the user is aware of that he is looking for and concludes that the sale probability is higher.

The next step important to qualify in SEO is to know:

How to get links?

Certainly, links have a vital role, but remember do not confuse quantity and quality. Also do not make the mistake of considering the links to be an isolated part from your content. Here it is crucial to remember that great content increases massively your chances of getting natural links and the best part is you get from quality relevant pages and such links help the most.
If you consider linking something to you ensure they have secure links and it is worth having. The fact is that great sites never link to inferior quality content.



Understand the content that is required. What are people looking for and how can you help them? Do your homework, create good contents and a great site so that it is easy to share. You will see the traffic increasing for your website!

Importance of SEO